Internship Papers 2004



  • The Liberal Artisan In The Global Village
    By Varna Sri Raman And Saransh Sugandh Singh
  • What A Waste! From Rags To Riches- The Kabari Trade
    By Varna Sri Raman
  • The Licensing of Shops In Cochin -The Legal Way
    By Eldho Mathew
  • The Reward of Legal Negligence: The Rise Of The Unorganised Sector
    By G Narasimha Raghavan
  • Shop Licensing In Hyderabad
    By Rajib Dahal
  • Opening A Shop In Kolkata
    By Kakali Bhattacharya


  • Battle For Autonomy: The real picture Behind Grant of autonomous status to colleges
    by Deepak Dewani
  • Shop Licensing In Hyderabad
    By Rajib Dahal
  • Government Coaching Scheme: An Advantage for the Disadvantaged? 
    By Anil Nimish Adhia
  • Higher Education For The Poor: Its Funding
    By Bhaskar Roy And Saransh Sugandh


  • Green Oustees In India
    By Anil Varghese
  • Displaced By The Greens: A Study of The Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai
    By Viren Falcao

Globalisation, Industry & Trade

  • The Big Brother: A Look At India's PTAs With Her Neighbours: Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, Singapore
    By Charanya Chidambaram
  • Countrymen! Seize The Airwaves!
    By Yavnika Khanna
  • India's Big Industries 1850-1950
    By Bhaskar Roy